Burger King Ghana welcomes the Chilli Cheese Burger.

The fast-food hamburger chain burger is in the news again! Burger King welcomes the chilli cheese burger to their family! On the 25th of March 2019, Taste Tales was at Burger King inside The Palms Square, next to Palace Shopping Mall to get a taste of the latest addition to the menu, the long chilli cheese burger.

Chilli Cheese Burger

The fame of the chilli cheese burger is undeniable around the world, It is exciting to finally see it has launched here in Ghana.

The chain now has 3 locations in Accra, specifically at Accra Mall, Airport shell and now, The Palms Square next to Palace Shopping Mall. Each location is open daily from 10am-10pm. Make sure you visit and experience the new goodness! Please leave a comment if you’ve already tasted it the chilli cheese burger!



Royal senchi is a hotel resort situated on the banks of the beautiful volta river, it is located in akosombo and about two hours away from Accra. The hotel has 4  main restaurants the Palm lounge, nsu bar, senchi restaurant and Dua club house. We had our lunch at the Dua club house.

Mashed potatoes with chicken khebab


Mashed potatoes was heavy and filling, we believed was made with a lot of milk/cream… it looked small but once you dig in it felt endless.

The chicken kebab was well spiced and grilled, chicken was tender and juicy on the inside and was also very filling.

The meal costs GHS65

Pina Colada and Royal Lady

Screen Shot 2018-11-23 at 11.23.10 AM.png

Pina colada: Made of fresh pineapple juice. It was sweet and refreshing. The Pina Colada costs GHS35

Royal lady was strong and with a sweet taste. Royal Lady costs GHS35.

Majority of the cocktails on the menu cost GHS35 as well.


Grilled Tilapia with Banku: GHS85

Cajun Chicken Burger: GHS70



Brunch At The Palm is a jazz brunch bringing together bunch and music lovers in Ghana on Dec 30th 2018. The holiday event is an opportunity for locals and visitors to cheer, mingle, eat, drink and dance in a tucked away enclave rooftop bar in Osu, the heart of Accra.

The brunch will be a buffet of local and continental dishes that respond to the tastes of many – the food is delicious and unlimited, with a complementary glass of champagne.A mixologist will be on site to attend to your other favorite bubbly orders. Finally, Accra’s dopest live jazz band will alternate with a live DJ set of awesome afrobeats, hip hop, and R&B hits.

This event is especially curated for a small crowd who will remember Brunch At The Palm as an iconic annual event for those looking for a great, worthwhile food experience during the holiday season in Ghana.

Get your tickets this November. Tickets are limited and will sell out.


Taste Tales in partnership with Chale Kasa presents Brunch at the Palm.



A brunch party with a fusion of Jazz, dope DJ sets, unlimited food with mimosas and exciting vibes proudly brought to you by Taste Tales in partnership with Chale Kasa. The event takes place on the 30th of December 2018 at The Palm which is the rooftop space of Tropical Enclave Hotel.


Come have fun and unwind into the new year!

Burger King reinforces its presence in Accra

The fast food hamburger chain opened its second restaurant in Accra.

On the 3rd of October, 2018 in Accra, it was announced that a second Burger King restaurant is coming to Accra. The restaurant is located at Shell Airport gas station and results from a partnership with Vivo energy Ghana offering a Drive-Thru service.

“We are thrilled to continue to introduce the Burger King brand in Ghana and look forward to serving guests our signature flame-grilled Whopper for many years to come”, said Claude Deorestis – Executive Vice President of Servair.

The restaurant provides a sitting for 140 guests and opens every day from 10am to 12am. A Drive-Thru service, a playground for kids and free Wi-Fi enhance for overall guest experience.

To learn more about the Burger King brand, visit www.bk.com


KUMASI-FUFUIf you find yourself in Kumasi, there’s no way you should leave without checking out a fufu joint or a chop bar. Don’t know where to go? We are here to help!

We bring to you five picks of fufu places you should visit. (Did we miss your fave joint?  Leave a comment).

1. Rakho

Location: Opposite Rahko school complex, Kotei

Click for directions to Rakho

Comments: The ambience has a typical chop bar feel, great customer service and the food is very affordable (Amazing how you can fill your stomach with just GHS20).

Price: GHS16 (Fufu with two pieces of chicken and three pieces of pork)

2. Yaa Serwaa Chop Bar

Location: Anum

Click for directions to Yaa Serwaa Chop Bar

Comments: Fufu tasted good. You should have a good budget to visit this joint.

Price: GHS24 (Fufu with two pieces of goat and salmon)

3. Accuzi

Location: Ayeduase, around the KNUST gate

Click for directions to Accuzi

Comments: Big portion of fufu but if you are a fan of a lot of meat, this might not be your pick.

Price: GHS16 (Fufu with light soup mixed with palm nut soup and goat meat)

4. Asafo British Pub (Popularly known as Aduani pa in Accra)

Location: Asafo, next to the Asafo palace.

Click for directions to Asafo

Comments: Fufu was extremely good and great customer service as well.

Price: GHS24 (Fufu with pork, beef and fresh salmon)

5. Efie Fufuo

Location: Patasi Estate

Click for directions to Efie Fufuo

Comments: Soup tasted really good especially if you’re not a fan of a lot of pepper.

Price: GHS13 (Fufu with pork and goat meat)

Food battles: Papa’s Pizza vs Eddy’s Pizza

We made a couple of people try pizza from two of the most popular pizzerias in Ghana; Papa’s Pizza and Eddy’s Pizza. They had no clue where each was from… The pizza from Papa’s pizza cost 45 cedis and the pizza from Eddy’s pizza cost 67 cedis.







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We made a couple of people try waakye from The Lord Is My Shepherd (a roadside waakye joint in Adjiringanor) and Coco Lounge (a restaurant).

They had no clue where each was from… The waakye from The Lord Is My Shepherd cost 10 cedis and the waakye from Coco Lounge cost 45 cedis (VAT inclusive).


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Here is a list of amazing places to get cakein Accra, Ghana.

  1. 📍 Coco snob, Sakumono

    ☎️ 0551408051

    Cake style: A combination of contemporary, abstract and avant-garde buttercream style


    (Order 3 day notice)

    Below: Frosty dip, Honeycomb and Blackwater concrete splash

    Prices : 180-280 cedis

2. 📍Yours truly Ghana, Aslyum down

☎️ 0206693344

⏱ Mon-Sun 8:30am – 6pm


Cake style: “Like nothing you’ve ever seen before in Ghana”

(48 hour notice)

Below: Triple Chocoalte mousse, Red velvet and chocolate chip cake

Price: 150-375 cedis


3. 📍  , Airport hills

☎️ 0266240348

⏱ Mon-Sat, 9am-7pm


Cake style: “Pretty abstract but luxury, everything must taste better than It looks”

(2 day notice)

Below: Death by chocolate and Vanilla 6 inch

Price: 200-350 cedis


4. 📍 Evive Delights, Labone

☎️ 0267771403/0204044954

⏱Mon-Sat, 8:30am-7pm


Cake style: “We bake from scratch, cake must be tasty and visually appealing!”

(1 – 5 day notice)

Below: Butterscotch and chocolate cake

Price: 230-500 cedis


5. 📍EatByZöe, Cantonments

☎️ 0553786786

⏱ Mon-Sat, 8am – 5pm


Cake style: Simple, Morden, classic and elegant.

(2 day notice)

Below: Rainbow rosettes, Triple chocolate, Ferrero Roche and Hennessy cake

Price 200–600 cedis

6. 📍 East Legon

☎️ 026 621 0228

⏱ Mon – Fri 9am-6pm (Sat 7pm)


Cake style: Cakes are playful, colorful, full of flavor

(1-2 day notice)

Price: 150 cedis upwards


7. 📍 , Kasoa

☎️ 0202289698/ 0245617298

⏱ Mon-Sat, 8am-5pm


Cake style: Cream and fondant themed cakes

(2 day notice)

Price : 120 cedis upwards

8. 📍 ARS East Legon

☎️ 020 020 6606

⏱ Mon – Sat 9am-6pm, Sun 2-6pm


Cake style: Minimal and Elegant

(1-3 day notice depending on size)

Price range: 115-595 cedis

9. 📍Bake Shop Classics, LA trade fair

☎️ 0272933015

⏱ Mon-Sat 7:30am-5:30pm


Cake style: Specialized in different themes

(2 days notice)

Price range: 80-550 cedis

10. 📍 , Kaneshie

☎️ 0201391833

⏱ Weekdays 8am-7pm, Weekends 10am-7pm


Cake style: Simple and classy. We always think class when baking and decorating.

(2 day notice)

Price range: 70-200 cedis


11. 📍 ,Westlands

☎️ 0243172682

⏱ Mon-Fri 9am-5pm, Sat 10am-5pm


Cake style: Very affordable, delicious and moist cakes to suit any occasion

(2 day notice)

Price range: 85-350 cedis

 12.📍Kareena Cakes , Osu
☎️ : 0244885454
⏱ Monday – Saturday: 8am to 7pm / Sundays & Holidays: 10am to 4pm

Cake style: Specialized in different themes

(A day’s notice)
Price range: 85 to 250 Cedis


Finally up!!

The first episode of our show.

Category: Food Battles: Wings edition

We made a couple of people try wings from Pallets Bar & Grill and Lord Of The Wings restaurant.
They had no clue where each was from…



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